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"To find the best in ourselves while doing what we love best"

- James Syddall- 

Founder and CEO of Syddall Diamonds and Caraters

James’ passion with diamonds and rare precious stones began at 19 when he worked as an international diamond dealer, trading in rough and polished diamonds for one of the world’s top 3 diamond companies in the New York Diamond Exchange.


In 2001, he started his first private boutique in Singapore using his knowledge and experience as an international diamond dealer. His vision and philosophy was simple: Creative , Unique designs with a high investment value and with uncompromising quality workmanship. Every piece is a bold, distinguished and sparkling rendition that reflects SYDDALL clientele.


Since early 2006,  Syddall Diamonds has earned a strong following with customers coming to James for customized and quality jewelry pieces.


With the creation of Caraters, Syddall Diamonds have established its boutique, exclusively featuring both Syddall Diamonds and Caraters in Robertson Walk.


Caraters is the first online brand that conceptualised on "Gifts that lasts forever". Simplicity and purity. Just quality certified matching pair diamonds  and handcrafted in 18K White Gold.

Our jewelry are handcrafted by our dedicated team of craftsmen at an extraordinary skill in our workshop,  based in Singapore​. With our workshop based locally, it provides Syddall Diamonds the opportunity to oversee the whole process, from designing to hand-finishing the jewelry and ensure that only the top quality jewelry pieces reach our customers.

Over the years, Syddall Diamonds used only the finest precious materials. As such, our jewelry exude exceptional quality, with meticulous attention to the smallest details.

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